In what can only be described as one of the strangest of times, we are still trying to keep Oh My Gold Ldn running as normally as possible. 

While we are sure to sanitize everything that is used while making your prints and portraits, we do appreciate there may still be some concern regarding transmittance of the virus.

Please see below the findings of Public Health England with regards to paper and cardboard for your own assurance.

Public Health England state that “the virus does not survive well for long periods outside the body and so it is highly unlikely that COVID-19 can be spread through post or packages.” The research so far suggests that the virus lasts longest on smooth, non-porous surfaces, such as plastic and stainless steel. Since paper and cardboard are porous, they carry the lowest potency for the shortest period of time.

During lockdowns we have taken the decision to extend our turn around time to 7-10 working days.  We will always try to get your orders out to you ASAP, however to ensure we look after our own mental health and allow for all of the knock on effects of the pandemic, it is important that we take the steps to protect ourselves and our lovely business while also providing you with realistic expectations from us. 


We strongly advise you to choose a Tracked Service where possible. Royal Mail are still running with delays and disruptions and using a Tracked Service allows you (and us) the ability to follow your parcel from us dropping it off to it arriving at your door.


We know this is a trying time for many, so we just want you to know that we are here and we honestly mean that!

Please take care of yourselves and stay safe.

The Oh My Gold Ldn Team x